In an interview on Fox Nation's 'Nuff Said', the 56-year-old 'Romeo Must Die' star criticizes Democratic Party for not doing 'enough' for the black community.

AceShowbiz - Isaiah Washington has received the wrath of people once again. This happened because of his recent interview on Fox Nation's "Nuff Said", on which he publicly "came out" as a Donald Trump supporter and criticized the Democratic Party in the process.

Explaining his reason for walking away from Democratic Party, Isaiah noted that the Democrats are not doing "enough" and pointed out at their lack of action for the black community as an example. He went on highlighting POTUS' support for the First Step Act, a bill which would reduce a prisoner's sentence for good behavior and assist them to assimilate with society upon their release, as one of his reasons for supporting the controversial president.

He said, "I'm going to support the policy over the person." Elsewhere in the interview, the "Grey's Anatomy" alum noted how he feels that some people in the Hollywood industry are "afraid" to come out as conservative as saying, "You got a lot of conservative or centric libertarian-minded people that really care about other people but they are terrified to come out of the closet and say anything that's not in line with the Democratic party."

Following his interview, many took to social media to blast Isaiah. "That's why he got fired," one said, referring to the actor getting kicked out of "Grey's Anatomy" for his homophobic slur. "I knew they took him off the show for a reason smh," another similarly said. Some others, poked fun at the fate of his character on the show. "That's why Christina didn't keep his baby," an individual quipped, making a reference to Sandra Oh's character Christina Yang.

"This is one of those times where negative publicity just feeds his ego. Let's ignore his obvious cry for attention," one person wrote. One other, meanwhile, dubbed him "strange" for supporting Trump, as someone commented, "He statement (sic) became null and void when he said democrats weren't doing enough for black people when republicans are doing far less than that."

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