The former 'Fuller House' star and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli 'stay united' while facing the college admissions scandal, though her friends allegedly advise her to leave him.

AceShowbiz - Lori Loughlin has no intention to separate from her husband Mossimo Giannulli despite reports saying that they're possibly heading for a divorce. Though the college admissions scandal has no doubt put their marriage to the test, the couple is reportedly determined to face it together.

"It's been very stressful and the most challenging year of their lives," a source tells E! News of how the case has affected Lori and Mossimo's marriage. "It's been hard on their marriage because of all the decision making and not always seeing eye to eye. There's been a lot of sleepless nights and rough days."

The source, however, adds, "It's not perfect and they don't always agree on things, but they also know that they have to stay united through this process. They are in this together and know they have to stay strong. They support one another and are a team."

That doesn't stop the fact that Lori and her husband seem to have different approaches in handling the situation. The so-called insider says the fashion designer is taking on a more "headstrong" approach as "he is used to running things and being in charge." On the other hand, Lori decides to stand "by him and is in it with him."

The source also acknowledges that the couple's daughters Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade "worry about [Lori and Mossimo] because it can be a tense environment." The insider explains, "They aren't used to seeing their parents like this. They really just want this ordeal to be over. Not knowing their fate is a tough place to be in."

Around the same time, an Us Weekly source claims that "their daughter Bella is extremely concerned they're going to get divorced." Sharing one particular instance where the pair got into an intense argument, the insider reveals they recently butted heads over whether they should take a private jet to their court appearance. "The couple was advised by their lawyers not to," says the insider. The actress agreed, "but Mossimo insisted, saying it would be a 'zoo' if they flew commercial."

Lori reportedly was also angry at her husband after he recommended they reject the plea deal in April. "Lori was inclined to take the deal, but Mossimo said it would ruin both of their careers," according to the source.

Amid the rumored friction between them, Lori's friends reportedly advise her to leave her husband. "Her friends think she should leave him," another insider claims. "But Lori refuses and says the ordeal has made them stronger."

Lori and Mossimo were charged in April for allegedly paying $500,000 to a fake charity to get their two daughters into the University of Southern California as part of the school's crew team, even though neither of them participated in the sport. They also face additional charge of money laundering. They face a potential maximum of 40 years in prison if convicted of both charges.

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