Monique Samuels Disses Gizelle Bryant Over Her Horse-Riding Skills: That's Why She's Single

In an 'After Show' of 'The Real Housewives of Potomac', Monique shares her theory as to why Gizelle is still single and can't keep a man after her failed marriage.

AceShowbiz - Monique Samuels clearly has no intention to call a truce with Gizelle Bryant anytime soon. The former, who has been feuding with her "The Real Housewives of Potomac" co-star since she joined the show in season 2, dissed Gizelle regarding why she's still single after her failed marriage.

In a clip from the latest "After Show", Monique weighed in on Gizelle's romantic life after seeing the latter's horse-riding skills. "Gizelle, obviously, she's not really too comfortable on the stallions, okay?" Monique commented, before adding, "That's why she can't keep a man. Wow. It all makes gotta be comfortable on the stallion."

In an August episode of the Bravo reality show, Karen Huger also tried to share advice to Gizelle on how to keep a man. When other cast mates discussed Karen's secrets to "sucking" Ray's tongue, Gizelle refused to learn because she thought it's gross.

"Gizelle, you're not willing to learn," Karen told her co-star, who persistently replied, "I don't want to learn that." Karen then told Gizelle that learning how to suck a tongue would help her love life. "You do and you may stay married or keep a man longer," so Karen claimed.

Back to Gizelle and Monique's feud, Charrisse Jackson Jordan who introduced Monique into the social circle said she wasn't surprised at all that Gizelle and Monique couldn't get along well. "I knew it was going to be an issue when I was going to bring her into the circle, I warned Monique. I said, 'Gizelle's not gonna like you.' I told her that from the door," Charrisse told The Daily Dish back in 2017.

She explained, "As a grown woman, I found it to be very petty, very juvenile, but it is what it is. I love Monique. I think she's a great person. She can stand on her own. If you ask her a question, she's gonna answer it. Sometimes, she can be a little wordy, but we all are."

Charrisse added, "You want the honest answer as to why Gizelle wouldn't like Monique? Because Monique has everything Gizelle wants - a lot. She has a man. She has beautiful homes. She has a lot of money. She can do whatever she wants when she wants. That's the life that Gizelle wants."

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