Fans Are Here for YG's Hilarious Video of Daughter Screaming on a Roller Coaster
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In a video that the rapper shares on Instagram Stories, his baby girl Harmony is seen pretty much calm at the beginning, though it quickly and adorably changes once the ride is getting off.

AceShowbiz - YG and his daughter Harmony were having fun bonding at an amusement park. The rapper, who is known for his beef with other on the Internet, channeled his loving daddy inner as he rode a roller coaster with his daughter.

In a video that he shared on Instagram Stories, Harmony was seen pretty much calm at the beginning. However, it changed once the ride was getting off. The adorable kid let a long, excited, high-pitched squeal, prompting YG to laugh while filming the hilarious moment.

The rapper seemingly was enjoying his baby girl's adorable reaction more than he was enjoying the ride. Although she looked horrified before, Harmony surprisingly had a smile on her face once things slowed down. She also assured her daddy that she wasn't afraid.

Fans found it funny upon watching the video. "This definitely big thunder mountain at Disney as i don't blame sis cause this scary lol," one fan commented. Another user thought Harmony's reaction was relatable, writing, "Me...thats why I dont go to amusement parks. I'm not getting on nothing."

Meanwhile, one other thought "she screamed because the other people was screaming." Nevertheless, most of people agreed that "she really is adorable."

YG, who is feuding with Wack 100 after being accused of faking gang ties, previously said that he's a hands-on, attentive dad. He revealed in an interview with Vulture, "I'm doing the right s**t, but I’m gone, though. I'm around her, but I be gone a lot. But she lives with me. So I make sure I go the extra mile. I do the extra s**t, a lot of times, just to make sure my daughter...she knows who daddy is, she knows what's up."

As for his alleged gang affiliations, YG claimed earlier this month, "I been from da gang n***a," adding, "That's highskool click i was throwing up. We use to rob n****z & run in houses & more s**t that I ain't got mention." He also hit back at Wack, "Shut up n***a. I'm scared You from the 818. N****z get money & move that way. Get yo facts str8 old man. You from valley you don't know what was going on this way."

The back and forth between the two continued with YG accusing Wack of begging him for a collab. "Don't beg me to do no more verses either," he slammed Wack. In his response, Wack alluded that it was actually the other way around. "beg you to do verses N***A EVERY SONG YOU ASKED @bluefacebleedem TO DO IS STILL ON MY EMAIL CLOWN. YOU FORGOT I GOT THE TEXT MESSAGES. YOU HAS A BLUE FACE VERSE BEFORE BKUE FACE [SIC] HAD A YG VERSE #LILN***A," he said.

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