Internet Reacts to Trey Songz's Hilarious Expression After YFN Lucci Leaves Him Hanging in Public

In a video that has since gone viral, the 'Slow Motion' singer can't hide his flustered face when the rapper goes straight to greet another man who stands next to him.

AceShowbiz - There were a lot of things happening at 50 Cent's Tycoon party at BarCode in New Jersey over the weekend, and among them was the moment when YFN Lucci left Trey Songz hanging. Footage of the event made its way out online and immediately went viral, with many poking fun at the R&B singer's priceless reaction to that.

In the video, Trey was busy partying with his friends when Lucci approached them. Noticing that the rapper was coming his way, the father of one held up his hand to greet Lucci, who looked straight pass him and greeted another man standing next to him instead. Trey couldn't hide his flustered expression after that, pretending to wipe his nose and looking somewhere else.

Those who watched the video couldn't help but laugh over his hilarious reaction, with many leaving a lot of crying-laughing emojis. "He wiped his nose like you really ain't giving me a pound b***h," one commented. "Man did the quick wipe ya Nose and Continued To Drip Like He Walked Out Da Pool Wit It."

"Lucci swerved Trey Songz when he tried to dap him up and I'm crying at Trey's face lmfaoooo," an individual said. Some others, meanwhile, poked fun at the security guard, who was seen in the video shaking his head as he watched the whole thing. "That security n***a face got me crying," someone said, with another echoing, "The security guard Shakin his head got me weak."

Besides the things between Lucci and Trey, Fofty's Tycoon party also made headlines after the "Power" creator banned his longtime nemesis Wendy Williams from entering the venue. However, it's been reported that the 55-year-old TV personality apparently was able to get into the party and introduced her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., to Snoop Dogg.

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