Steve Harvey Defends Wife Marjorie After She's Accused of Being a Gold Digger

The 'Family Feud' host claps back at haters who claim Marjorie's 'spending all of Steve's savings' on their recent lavish vacation to celebrate her 55th birthday.

AceShowbiz - Steve Harvey has come to his wife's defense after Marjorie is accused of being a gold digger. The 55-year-old socialite has been posting on her Instagram accounts photos from their month-long yacht trip to celebrate her birthday, and some people criticized her for spending Stevey's money on their lavish vacation.

Those haters said things like Marjorie's "spending all of Steve's savings" and "breaking Steve's bank account." Not letting the internet trolls drag his wife and their marriage, the TV host replied to those sinister comments with a perfect clapback.

"Truth is...I love her and she loves me, thats a fact," he wrote in the comment section underneath Marjorie's photo of her about to be whisked off in a helicopter while in Monte Carlo. He added, "you know 2people really can be in love .... it really is possible "

Despite Steve's response, a cynical follower still blasted the couple's marriage and doubted their love for each other. "Yeah as long as you have money in your pocket. Haha," the said user wrote.

But many people have since shown their support for the couple and hit back at those haters. "I fund (sic) it humorous that some people swear they know y'all life! Miserable people always trying to make other people miserable and jealously is not cute on nobody!" one defended the pair. "Steve and Majorie continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor and be stay blessed in the LOVE you share for the world to see!"

Another said, "Well, i believe Marjorie is a 'ride or die' chick! She was just blessed to find her true love! If she knows how to make him happy, more power to her! Quit hating, and be happy for them!"

"I am such a big fan Steve of you & your wife...Enjoy your life, its your life, its your business! Screw the haters, they are nobody!" someone else commented. "When I retired one of the things i was looking forward to, was watching your morning show now that its cancelled i am disappointed & devastated though i am not going back to work!lol."

Another told Steve to ignore the haters, "@iamsteveharveytv you don't have to justify your love to these hating behind folks. I'm not understanding why people can't just be happy for folks or keep your negative comments to yourself. I pray that God will continue blessing your marriage."

Steve is believed to have spent a lot of money on their vacation. Their yacht trip reportedly costs $1 million a week, making it $4 million for a month-long trip. He has allegedly also presented his wife with a $10 million ring, which weighs 40 carats, for her birthday.

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