Rumer Willis Is in 'So Much Pain' While Battling 'Unknown Stomach Problem': I'm Scared
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The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore says her disease makes her unable to 'eat because when I do it feels like my stomach is on fire to the flu that turned into a sinus infection.'

AceShowbiz - Is Rumer Willis all right? The actress shared on Instagram on Thursday, August 15 that she had been spending the whole month battling an "unknown stomach problem" that made her feel exhausted, scared and overwhelmed because she just didn't know what to do with her body.

Attached on the post was a photo of herself on a bed which she took after "having a full kid meltdown" and calling her sister. Admitting to feeling "so tired" and "helpless," she explained in the lengthy caption that her sickness caused her not to be able to "eat because when I do it feels like my stomach is on fire to the flu that turned into a sinus infection."

Rumer continued by saying that she had tried to battle the very painful disease while being "angry and sad." But when she apparently realized that negativity would take her nowhere, the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star then "did some compassionate self forgiveness and really just allowed myself to be exactly where I was at and let go."

Her method appeared to be working because the next morning, Rumer felt "a little better" and "much more integrated in myself because I was no longer at war within. I am by no means 100% yet but getting there."

Noting that she wanted to share her experience because her life is not just sunshine and rainbow, Rumer ended her post by encouraging her followers to "let go of the control of the outcome, control of the expectations of how it should go or look, and let go of whatever story you are making up about yourself if it doesn't turn out the way you planned. It's all happening for you not to you..."

Following her Instagram post, Rumer was seen out and about in Beverly Hills, California. She surely looked so much better while going shopping at the XIV Karats store in the city.

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