This Is How Mariah Carey Responds to Whoopi Goldberg's '20 Bodies Ago' Remarks
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An insider reveals that the 'My All' singer is currently focusing on positive things as she is currently enjoying Camp Mariah in upstate New York with her kids and a bunch of underprivileged city kids.

AceShowbiz - Mariah Carey is unbothered by what Whoopi Goldberg recently said about her body. While fans of the singing diva were highly offended by "The View" host's body-shaming comments, a new report suggests that Mariah couldn't care less about the remarks.

In the Friday, August 2 episode of the talk show, Whoopi could be heard commenting about Mariah's look as the music video of Mariah's 1999 hit "Heartbreaker" played on a large screen behind the panel. "Twenty bodies ago," the host murmured in the episode, which featured Jerry O'Connell, who starred in the music video, as the guest.

"Mariah looks and feels amazing, she's very happy with her body right now so Whoopi’s comments can't hurt her in any way, they really don’t mean anything to her," a souce tells "Plus, she has much more meaningful things occupying her right now."

The insider goes on saying that the "My All" singer is currently focusing on positive things. "She's in upstate New York with her kids and a bunch of underprivileged city kids that she sponsored so that they can have the camp experience," explains the source. "It's called Camp Mariah and it's something she's been funding for years and it is very close to her heart. The kids that go there have very little, they live in the city and most of them never expect to go to her camp."

"Camp Mariah changes lives, that's what Mariah cares about, not some rude comment by Whoopi. No way will she even give this a response. Besides, her lambs can do that for her, she knows they always have her back," shares the source.

While Mariah appears to be chill about the diss, her fans were demanding Whoopi to issue an apology over her comments. "[email protected] needs to clarify what she meant by '20 bodies ago' on @TheView when referring to Mariah Carey - body or slut shaming? The fact that she mumbled it under her breath only proves that she was knowingly vile, disgusting and unprofessional. She should apologise," one fan tweeted.

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