Nicki Minaj Reacts to Her Fans Dissing Cardi B: You Are on 'Time Out'

The Trinidadian spitter is not the only one who wants to avoid further tension as Cardi recently took to Instagram to expose an imposter igniting feud between her, Nicki and Megan Thee Stallion.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj and Cardi B don't have the best relationship in the world, but it doesn't mean the two rap stars want to make it worse. Nicki didn't hesitate to discipline her fans when she noticed that The Barbz were after her rival on Internet.

While both Nicki and Cardi had remained silent on their beef following their infamous physical altercation at a New York Fashion Week party, Nicki's fans appeared to be still actively attacking the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker. On Monday night, July 29, The Barbz started trending #WriteARap on Twitter which was a direct threat to Cardi. Nicki's fans seemingly want to say to the Grammy winner that Nicki would always be a better lyricist.

Nicki took notice of the hashtag and then tweeted, "Y'all," alongside a few embarassed emojis. Seemingly not wanting to cause drama, she later added in a separate post, "#TheBarbz are on time out."

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj urged fans to cool down before another drama popped out.

Cardi, meanwhile, has yet to respond to the hashtag and Nicki's comment on the matter.

The Trinidadian spitter was not the only one who appeared to be avoiding further tension with Cardi. Recently, Cardi took to Instagram to expose an imposter igniting feud with the "MEGATRON" star and Megan Thee Stallion.

On Saturday night, July 27, Nicki and Megan had a joint Instagram Live session, during which they sang praise for each other. "Stop playing with Nicki Minaj like she ain't the muthaf***in' GOAT, like she ain't that b***h," Megan gushed while Nicki also appeared on the split screen. "Thank you, Megan," Nicki responded, adding, "I already know the vibes on another level."

Following the Instagram Live session, someone claimed Cardi liked her comment, which was a shade on Megan, and then unliked it. Strangely, the said Twitter user notified Megan, whom she supposedly also disliked, about Cardi's alleged Twitter activity.

A fan of Cardi quickly pointed out that the Twitter account which liked the shade is fake. "Y'all really believing in some fake dumb s**t I can't," the said fan wrote along with a screenshot of the fake account. Cardi herself also blasted the imposter on her account, writing, "F***in weirdos," along with the original tweet from her fan.

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