Bow Wow Called 'Disgusting' for Body-Shaming Wendy Williams Over Bikini Pic
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One Twitter user points out that the rapper doesn't have the rights to body-shame the TV host when she earns more money than him, saying, 'Sweetie you got a lot of nerve for someone whose been unemployed since 2004.'

AceShowbiz - Despite the backlash that he received over the comment he made about Ciara, it apparently doesn't stop Bow Wow from disrespecting women. This time, Wendy Williams has fallen victim to the 32-year-old rapper and TV personality, who took to Twitter on Sunday, July 28 to body shame the 55-year-old TV host.

Bow Wow shared on the blue bird app a photo of Wendy rocking a black bikini while enjoying her day at the beach. He used several emojis such as a face with medical mask and a nauseated face to express how disgusted he was by the picture. "They say its a hot girl summer," he additionally wrote in the caption.

Bow Wow's Twitter post.

Bow Wow body-shames Wendy Williams on Twitter.

But many Twitter users were apparently feeling disgusted towards the "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" star more instead of Wendy. Singer Ari Lennox called him "disgusting," while someone warned him that Wendy "can literally step on you," poking fun at the fact that Wendy is taller than Bow Wow. There was also one who pointed out that he didn't have right to body-shame Wendy when she earned more money than him, saying, "Sweetie you got a lot of nerve for someone whose been unemployed since 2004."

Some people, on the other hand, reminded him that body-shaming a woman when he has a daughter is not a good thing to do. "You are raising a daughter...the way you speak about women... just sad...," one said, while someone blasted him by writing, "Wendy has better abs than you do." The user was probably referring to that one time when Bow Wow was accused of photoshopping his abs in a picture.

Bow Wow has yet to respond to the backlash.

This arrives just days after Bow Wow sparked outraged for saying, "I had this b***h first," when talking about Ciara during an Atlanta show. Nelly and T.I. even staged an intervention with their fellow musician because of that.

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