In a new interview with Daily Mail TV, Placido Domingo's former daughter-in-law Sam offers details into how Scientology affected the 'Gotti' actor's action after Jett suffered fatal seizure in 2009.

AceShowbiz - John Travolta reportedly tried to bring his son Jett back to life after he suffered a seizure back in 2009.

The actor and his wife Kelly Preston were left devastated following the tragic passing of their son, aged 16, during a family holiday in the Bahamas. But in an explosive new interview with Daily Mail TV, Placido Domingo's daughter-in-law Sam, who spent 22 years with Scientology, explained how the "Saturday Night Fever" star's faith affected his actions following Jett's seizure.

According to Sam, Travolta attempted to command Jett's spirit, known as a 'Thetan' in the church of Scientology, back into his body while they were in the ambulance.

"Scientologists believe the spirit Thetan doesn't pick up a body until birth. If you lose a baby before it's born, then it's just an empty shell, nothing to worry about," Sam explained. "It's the same with death. To them once your body is of no use, your Thetan can just go out and pick up a new body and carry on right where you left off."

"John Travolta did a 'Bring Back To Life' assist while Jett was in the ambulance, it's where you order the Thetan to get back into the body, saying: 'I command you to get into the body now.' This is meant to raise them back to life."

Sam added that following Jett's death, Kelly and John both received counselling from their fellow Scientologists. During the period of counselling, Kelly fell pregnant with son Ben - and Sam added the actress will undoubtedly believe Ben is the reincarnation of Jett.

"When you lose a child in Scientology, you believe that the spirit - Thetan - has left that physical body and will find another one," Sam explained. "In the case of Kelly, she got pregnant while she was being audited (counselled) several months later and Ben was born just over a year and a half after Jett's death. She will believe the Thetan of Jett is in Ben."

Among Sam's other claims was that Tom Cruise's adopted children were "indoctrinated to hate" against their mother Nicole Kidman following the couple's divorce, and that Jada Pinkett Smith was a key recruiter for the organisation.

The church hit back at Sam's allegations in a statement which read: "There is no 'revelation' in what Sam Domingo told you. She has been making false claims about the Scientology religion for the last decade, using her past connection to famous individuals to peddle her lies to tabloids."

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