Teresa Palmer Shares Footage of 'Ghostly' Experience With Moving Bottle Cap
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Through a series of Instagram Stories feed, the star of 'A Discovery of Witches' tells her followers that she and fellow actress Sarah Wright Olsen are freaking out as they witness the inexplicable activity.

AceShowbiz - Teresa Palmer was left shaken on Thursday, July 04 after witnessing what she believed to be paranormal activity.

The Australian actress took to Instagram to share a series of posts about the encounter, which saw the lid on her empty drinks bottle move of its own accord.

The "A Discovery of Witches" star focused on the moving cap in the first video, and captioned it: "Guys! Send back up. Me and (friend) Sarah Wright Olsen are freaking out?! What is THIS?".

She then created a poll for her followers, asking "Ghost?" - to which 62 per cent replied "yes" while the remaining 38 percent answered "no".

Teresa took things to the next level as she asked the moving cap if it was a ghost, with her pal stunned as she exclaimed: "What the f**k it that?!".

She then asked her followers if they could "see a smokey haze around the bottle?", while adding in another post that her children would be "afraid" if they saw the cap moving.

While it remains unclear why the top of the Harmless Harvest drinks bottle was moving, Teresa later wondered if it might be air being released from the receptacle.

In "A Discovery of Witches" Teresa plays Diana Bishop, a historian and reluctant witch who falls for a vampire, played by British actor Matthew Goode.

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