Mary J. Blige Gets Candid About Hiding Herself Behind Dark Lipstick and Accessories

Claiming to have learned to believe in her 'own beauty', the 'Family Affair' hitmaker reflects on what have changed since she covered the top part of her face on the cover of her 1992 debut album.

AceShowbiz - Mary J. Blige doesn't "hide" behind make-up and accessories anymore, after learning to believe in her "own beauty".

The R&B singer and actress built up a reputation for her boundary-breaking make-up looks, such as the black lipstick she sported in the video for her 1996 single" Not Gon' Cry", and the blurred cover of her 1992 debut album "What's the 411?" - which saw her wearing a hat to conceal the top part of her face.

However, the "Mudbound" star is adamant she has long moved on from disguising herself.

"On the 'What's the 411?' album, I was hiding. You couldn't see my eyes, and I had a hat on. I always wanted to wear dark lipstick or anything that hid me - glasses, a hood, whatever it was. I never believed in my own beauty," the 48-year-old recalled in an interview with Refinery29. "Black lipstick was armour for me. Every time you'd see me, I had a lot of stuff on because I was hiding. I'm not hiding anymore."

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