In the music video for the song, which finds the Hall of Famer collaborating with Lil Jon and NGHTMRE, they are seen doing a bunch of random things from the latter's to-do list.

AceShowbiz - Now that Shaquille O'Neal has retired from his life as a basketball player, he has been focusing on his music career. Besides being a rapper, the Hall of Famer is also an electronic music producer and touring DJ who goes by the name Diesel. Recently, he collaborated with Lil Jon and NGHTMRE on a song entitled "Bang" and dropped its music video accompaniment.

Filmed in Miami, the visuals centers around NGHTMRE's to-do list that orders him to do various things including waking up Shaq and picking up Jon in a Ferrari. They are seen spinning records at a club, relaxing with cucumbers on their eyes and practicing headbanging. At one point in the clip, Shaq and NGHTMRE are even seen playing hide and seek in the former's hotel room.

The clip ends with the three of them performing at the Ultra Miami Music Festival.

NGHTMRE said of the music video, "It was incredibly amazing to be able to spend time with Shaq and Lil Jon in Miami during Ultra week. We did a lot of random things, and I'm glad someone was there to document it. I think my favorite thing was either the staring contest with Lil Jon, or having to literally jump on Shaq to get him out of the bed. I've looked up to these guys for such a long time, so it was a hilarious experience -- 16-year-old me would have been very proud."

Shaq and Jon also said that they had a great time filming the music video, with the former noting, "Those two are like brothers to me, and we all had a blast shooting."

Aside from his collaboration with NGHTMRE and Jon, Shaq is currently working on a new music with Diplo. "I really look up to Diplo and Skrillex," he said in an interview. "I'm working on some music with Diplo at the moment and would love to get in the studio with him and Skrillex soon."

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