Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Sapphire Ring Karl Cook Gifted Her for First Wedding Anniversary

Through a video she posted on her Instagram Stories feed, 'The Big Bang Theory' actress reveals that she gave her husband an antique Rolex pocket watch in celebration of the milestone.

AceShowbiz - Kaley Cuoco and her equestrian husband Karl Cook have celebrated their first anniversary by exchanging specially chosen gifts, and enjoying a couples yoga session.

On Sunday, June 30, "The Big Bang Theory" actress shared pictures on her Instagram page of her and Karl spending a fun-filled day together, which included activities such as pottery, yoga, and snaps of their respective gifts.

"Happy one year anniversary to my incredible other half! @mrtankcook I still can't believe you're mine and I'm never letting you go!" wrote on a post containing several pictures from their wedding.

"Karl made me the most stunning sapphire mobius band ring, which basically means everlasting on and on," she continued in an Instagram Stories video in which she shows off the ring. "Honey it's the most gorgeous thing ever, I love it," she added as she turned the camera to show a grinning Cook. "I love it so much and it's pink sapphires. I love you."

Cook then shared the thoughtful present gifted to him by his actress wife.

"You got me a Rolex pocket watch from 1911," he said showing off the antique timepiece, which he then turned over to reveal that it was engraved with their first wedding anniversary date on the back.

"So who won?" competitive Kaley joked in reference to the gift-giving. "I think it's pretty even, happy anniversary."

The couple, who became engaged a year after they started dating in 2016, also enjoyed a take out from fast food joint Taco Bell.

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