Lizzo Finds Herself Covered in Love After Going Candid About Struggle With Depression

Shortly after sharing a clip in which she admitted that she is 'depressed,' the 'Juice' hitmaker has fellow singer SZA, designer Marc Jacobs and many other followers reaching out to her.

AceShowbiz - Lizzo has opened up about her ongoing struggle with depression in an emotional post on social media.

The 31-year-old "Juice" hitmaker simply wrote the words "I'm depressed" over the clip of the star lying in bed wearing sunglasses, before covering her phone camera lens with her finger.

"There's no one I can talk to because there's nothing anyone can do about it," she added. "Life hurts."

Lizzo continued in the caption to the Instagram post, writing: "I self-love so hard because everything feels like rejection... it feel like the whole world be ghostin (sic)"

She remained hopeful that her depression would eventually lift, however, adding: "But this too shall pass."

To the star's surprise, a number of famous followers reached out to the singer in the comments, offering their support through her tough time.

"U drag me up everyday... fr (for real). Take your time u carrying a lot of us. We love you," singer SZA replied.

Designer Marc Jacobs also reached out to the "Truth Hurts" hitmaker, and empathised with the star, real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson.

"I hear you – depression is real. Struggle with it all my life. It does pass although while in it, it seems it never will. You are so loved. I love you Lizzo," the 56-year-old sweetly shared.

On Friday, June 21, Lizzo shared another video on Instagram, and broke down in tears as she thanked friends and fans for the support she had received following the candid post.

"I know that something real incredible is about to happen and something incredible has already happened," she began, before adding in the caption that being honest with her emotions had saved her life.

"Reaching out may be hard but as soon as I did it, I was immediately covered in love," she confessed.

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