Halsey's Rolling Stone Cover Showing Her Hairy Armpits Gets Mixed Responses
Rolling Stone Magazine

While some people praise her for displaying her unshaven armpits, others take issue with her skin tone that looks darker on the magazine's July cover than she usually is.

AceShowbiz - Halsey is getting real about woman's body on the cover of Rolling Stone. The "Closer" hitmaker is breaking beauty standards by showing off her hairy underarms and her natural curly hair on the front page of the magazine's July issue.

The 24-year-old singer wears an off-white tank top as she lifts both her arms and puts her thumbs underneath the straps on either side of her head, displaying her unshaven armpits. She proudly shared the cover of the "Hot Issue" on her Instagram account on Thursday, June 20.

The post was instantly liked by her followers, with many praising her for showing her hairy underarms. "no photoshopped armpits!! hell yes!" one commented. Another similarly gushed, "here for this armpit hair."

"EXCUSE ME THE ARMPIT STUBBLE?!?!?! I'M SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" one exclaimed, while another applauded her au naturel look, "Weird side note but I appreciate that they didn't edit your underarms and that you have your natural hair. Keepin it 100."

Still, there were some people who told her to shave her armpits. Replying to those snarky commenters, one user wrote, "This is literally what it looks like after 2 days of not shaving the armpits for us ladies with dark body hair Some of y'all act like she has been growing it out for weeks."

Another clapped back at the critics, "I love the armpit hair so much. Disappointed by the people in the comments telling her to shave or 'letting her know' it's there. She knows it's there, her photographers do too. Conscious liberation xx."

While those people praised her hairy armpits, some others took issue with her skin tone which looks darker on the magazine's cover than she usually is. "When I saw her on 'SNL' she was white and blonde. This doesn't look like the same person," one pointed out.

Another complained about her different look, "Why does Halsey look black here? Who changed her looks and skin colour? She usually doe[s] not look like this!" Someone else added, "I was shocked honestly to see a brown Halsey."

Neither Halsey nor Rolling Stone has responded to the criticism about her "darker" skin tone.

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