Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx Fuming Over Inaccuracies in 'Breaking the Band'
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The Motley Crue frontman slams Reelz for making the docuseries from the memories of former manager Doug Thaler, while his bandmate is threatening a lawsuit against the network.

AceShowbiz - Motley Crue stars Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx have vowed to take legal action over what they insist are inaccuracies featured in new docuseries "Breaking the Band".

The Motley Crue episode of the show, developed for America's Reelz network, chronicles the inner turmoil within the group in the early 1990s, leading to Neil's exit from the line-up in 1992.

It premiered on U.S. TV on Sunday night (June 16), but the singer has taken issue with the way his departure is explained onscreen, because it had nothing to do with his love of racing - as depicted in the series, thanks to the band's then-manager.

In a lengthy rant posted on Instagram, Neil writes, "Breaking the band, f***ing memories from a manager Doug Thaler who can't remember that he's the one who actually broke up the band! The band didn't break up because of me racing."

"It broke up because he was too much of a p**sy who didn't just say, 'Hey guys, let's take a week off and come back with cooler heads.' He called me an hour later and said I was out of the band! Great management...!!"

Neil, who went on to rejoin Motley Crue in 1996, isn't alone in calling out "Breaking the Band" producers for failing to check the facts with the group - bassist Sixx has also taken to social media to criticise the show, revealing their lawyers had already threatened to sue if network officials aired the season two episode.

"Breaking the band was not authorized by Motley Crue," he tweeted. "Our lawyers sent them a cease-and-desist and further action will be [email protected] Is the bottom of the barrel...".

He continued, "I am very disappointed that they think they can tell our LIFE story just to sell advertising ( mostly incorrect ) and without any bodies persmission (sic)."

Reelz officials have yet to respond to the complaints.

Motley Crue recently shared their own story in Netflix biopic "The Dirt", based on their 2001 memoir of the same name.

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