'The Bachelorette' Premiere Recap: One Guy Is Caught Lying, One Gets Hannah Brown's Kiss

Hannah is determined to find love on the show and she asks her friends from 'The Bachelor', Demi and Katie, to become spies for her and find out that one of the guys has a girlfriend back home.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" returned for season 15 on Monday, May 13 featuring Hannah Brown as the new lady. The blonde beauty looked stunning in a silver sequined dress which featured a thigh-high leg slit which further added sexiness in her look. Completing the style, Hannah wore matching, open-toed shoes while waiting for her suitors.

The first guy that Hannah met in the episode was Garrett, a golf pro who's also from Alabama. He gave her a cute, but corny golf joke. Meanwhile, Mike told Hannah how pretty he thought she was with Jed saying he couldn't wait to get to know her.

Dylan promised to be as authentic as her, while Connor S. made an unforgettable entrance by jumping a fence, pulling a "The Bachelor" star Colton Underwood. Later, Devin joked that he was a virgin. John, who let Hannah know that she could call him "John Paul Jones", followed him up before Brian arrived. The latter was so nervous, resulting in him having trouble forming words around the Bachelorette.

Also making a big entrance was Joe, who was getting delivered in a box and popping out to surprise Hannah. Some guys already rubbed the others the wrong way with their bold greetings. Cam, who was given Hannah's first rose on "After the Final Rose", rapped again for her, making her smile brightly.

The suitors did their best to give a great first impression on Hannah and Chasen, a pilot, gave Hannah a paper airplane. Meanwhile, Peter arrived in his pilot uniform and gave her a pair of his wings.

Hannah told the guys that she wanted them to keep it real with her. Luke got himself on the other guys' bad side after he pulled her aside. He told her that he had strong feelings towards her already.

Other guys started to do things to get recognized by Hannah. Connor S. threw her a mini "bachelorette party" while Joe serenaded Hannah with an original song. As for the first kiss, Cam was the lucky guy.

Hannah herself was determined to find love and she asked her friends from "The Bachelor", Demi and Katie, to become spies. Demi told Hannah that Scott had a girlfriend back home, and with that, she confronted Scott. He denied having a girlfriend, though he got flustered when Hannah said that he kept "a girl back at home to be safe" if he was eliminated from the show.

Scott finally admitted that he was dating a girl but broke up days before coming on the show. He tried to justify his action by saying that Hannah also did the same with Colton before "The Bachelorette". That unsurprisingly pissed Hannah off. She called him a jerk and sent him home. She later told the rest of the suitors to "leave now" if they had someone else at home, though no one left.

Now it was time for Hannah to give her first impression rose. She presented the rose to Luke, making him and Cam, who received a rose on "After the Final Rose", safe. Later at the rose ceremony, 20 other guys got roses. In addition to Scott, Brian, Chasen, Hunter, Joe, Matt, Ryan and Thomas were sent home.

"The Bachelorette" airs on Mondays at 8 P,M. on ABC.

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