Jenelle Evans Admits She's Struggling to Recover From Tubal Ligation Surgery: 'I Feel Helpless'

The 'Teen Mom 2' star shares on Instagram Stories a slew videos of her and husband David Eason going to a nursery to buy flowers, but she can't help much because she's still crippled.

AceShowbiz - Jenelle Evans' journey to recovery after getting her tube tied is a long road, and she recently admitted that the process was proven to be difficult. Sharing on Instagram Stories a slew videos of her days after the surgery, the "Teen Mom 2" star expressed how she felt helpless about not being able to help with basic chores.

One video featured her and husband David Eason going to a nursery to buy flowers for spring. But because she's still in wheelchair, she could not participate in much of the shopping and let David handle most of the stuff. "I'm still crippled, y'all," she said in the clip, revealing that the couple was getting tulips.

Jenelle later shared another video that showed a trunk filled with food items. "I can't lift more than 20 pounds for two weeks, so I'm just sitting here while they're getting groceries," she explained. "I feel helpless."

The "Read Between the Lines" author underwent tubal ligation procedure last week, revealing that she decided to it because she "had constant pain on my left side and I get extremely sick when pregnant." According to her rep, she had her left ovary removed while the right one was tied. Her polyps, meanwhile, were sent off to the lab for testing. In a statement, the rep assured fans that his/her client is "healing properly and focusing on her business ventures."

David was by his wife's side during the procedure. He previously shared on Instagram a picture of Jenelle sitting in a wheelchair as she held a surfboard. Even though she was unable to walk, Jenelle still flashed a smile in the picture. "Get my babe a get well soon gift to encourage her to get back on her feet!" he wrote in the caption. "It sucks you had to go through this but at least we got some answer and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!"

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