YG Dragged for 'Sexualizing' Nipsey Hussle's Kids and Bringing Colorism at Late Rapper's Memorial
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YG's eulogy was different in an unpleasant way from others who spoke at Nipsey's Celebration of Life event which took place at the Staples Center on Thursday, April 11.

AceShowbiz - Several stars attended Nipsey Hussle's marathon Celebration of Life event in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 11. Among those who gathered at the Staples Center to pay tribute to the slain rapper were his girlfriend Lauren London, Jay-Z, Beyonce Knowles and fellow hip-hop stars including Kendrick Lamar and YG.

During the wonderful event, several of them took the stage to deliver touching eulogy of the late rapper. YG, who was featured on Nipsey's "Last Time That I Checc'd", was among the speakers. However, some social media users were irked by his speech after he decided to bring colorism on his eulogy.

"We got some light-skinned pretty girls we got to raise. We in trouble my n***a, what we gonna do?" YG said at the memorial, which featured Stevie Wonder performing a rendition of "Rocket Love", a song that Stevie said was one of Nipsey's favorites. Additionally, he clearly almost said "b***es" instead of "girls."

"YG....was that part necessary?" one Twitter user wrote alongside of a meme of Chrissy Teigen looking cringed at Golden Globe Awards. Another fan added, " 'We got some light- skinned pretty girls to raise' .....yeah, YG could've left that ignorant COLORIST statement out,but I digress #CelebrationOfNipseyHussle #NipseyHussleMemorial."

"#YG did not just bring up colorisim at Nips Home going smh #CelebrationOfNipseyHussle," another tweet read. "YG is sexualzing #Nipsey & his own kids simply because they are 'lightskin' but y'all claim the gays are forcing sexuality on children," one user wrote. One other didn't hold back as she wrote, "#CelebrationOfNipseyHussle 'we have light skin pretty girls we gotta raise' why did YG bring his ignorance here?"

YG's eulogy was different in an unpleasant way from others who spoke at the service. During his speech, Snoop Dogg praised Lauren for being strong despite the hardship. Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke and compared the rapper's legacy to that of reggae legend Bob Marley. He also made an impassioned plea to young people to stop disrespecting and killing one another.

Barack Obama also sent a touching letter for the memorial. "While most people saw the Crenshaw neighborhood as gangs bullets and despair, he [Nipsey Hussle] saw potential," the 44th president wrote in a letter which was read aloud by Karen Civil.

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