NSFW! Swae Lee 'Accidentally' Live-Streams His Penis on Instagram
WENN/Sheri Determan

The video shows the 'Sunflower' spitter standing naked in a bathroom tub as he pans his camera phone to his tattooed torso.

AceShowbiz - Swae Lee has just given fans more than he bargains. The Rae Sremmurd rapper did an Instagram Live broadcast on Wednesday, December 19, when he flashed his junk for everyone to see.

The video showed the "Sunflower" spitter standing naked in a bathroom tub. He panned his camera phone to his body as he attempted to flaunt his tattooed torso. However, as he was totally naked, his penis was captured on camera, driving everyone on social media crazy once the footage circulated online.

"Wtf!!! Swae Lee is pulling out an Emtee stunt on us!!!" a fan wrote on Twitter alongside the racy video. Swae then explained in a post that it was accidental, saying, "I was tryna see my tattoo. Accidentally posted." He added, "If you see me in real life, you know what's going on. Don't let the camera angles make y'all get it twisted. Everything working properly but yes it was an accident."

However, the explanation didn't stop Twitter from dragging the Mississippi-bred rapper as one fan jokingly tweeted, "im honestly not surprised that swae lee has a small penis, he’s a tiny being to begin with." Another comment read, "Wake up. Pray. Check ig. Saw #swaelee d**k ....it's not even 9am."

Some others continued roasted the rapper, writing, "why did i just see Swae Lee's penis?" and "Why is Swae Lee's meat on my TL?" Another user expressed his/her regret after watching Swae's Instagram Stories post. "I just saw Swae Lee's puny a** d**k," the user tweeted.

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