Lin-Manuel Miranda Feels Like 'Dreaming' at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony
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The 'Hamilton' actor's star is located in front of the Pantages Theater, where he performed after landing his first job in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - Lin-Manuel Miranda was presented with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday, November 30. The "Hamilton" actor's star iss located in front of the Pantages Theater, where he performed after landing his first job in Los Angeles.

Before Miranda delivered his acceptance speech, Weird Al Yankovic took the podium to introduce him during the celebration. "Out of all the awards and honors that Lin-Manuel has won in the last few years, this is easily in the top thousand or so. You may have danced to my music and looked up to me when you were a child," he said. "But now you're my hero."

The singer-songwriter added, "He's gifted beyond words."

During his acceptance speech itself, Miranda said that he felt "like dreaming" to be able to receive the star. "Reports of my fame are still probably exaggerated but the fact that there is a star marking where I got to say these lines [referring to his performance of 'In the Heights'], what a dream come true that is for me," he noted.

"These Hollywood stars, they're permanent," he continued saying. "What is legacy? Planting seeds in a garden that you never get to see. Well, we're going to see this star every day. And one day, they'll put flowers on this star, but not today. Today we celebrate."

Beside Yankovic, Rita Moreno also attended the ceremony to support Miranda. She said during her speech, "You have earned this honor, especially because you made a choice to focus the brilliance of your star power for the good of others. I mean, I'm talking about hunger, family, disaster relief, education... I could go on." She added, "Your energy is boundless, hombre; your heart is bigger than the West Side."

1. New Milestone

New Milestone
WENN/Nicky Nelson

Miranda's star was the 2,652th star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2. Dream Comes True

Dream Comes True
WENN/Nicky Nelson

During his speech, the actor also recalled his first connection to the Walk of Fame, which was seeing people paying tribute to stars who passed away by visiting their stars.

3. Wife Support

Wife Support
WENN/Nicky Nelson

Miranda sweetly kissed his wife Vanessa Nadal on the lips during the ceremony.

4. Family Comes to Celebrate as Well

Family Comes to Celebrate as Well
WENN/Nicky Nelson

The "Mary Poppins Returns" actor posed with his big family.

5. Idol-Turned-Peers

WENN/Nicky Nelson

Weird Al Yankovic and Rita Moreno came to support.

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