Rose McGowan Applauds Media for Contributions in Society and Culture Change

On the eve of Thanksgiving, the former 'Charmed' actress shares an earnest open letter she addressed to 'the Awesome Media Person reading this.'

AceShowbiz - Actress Rose McGowan has written an open letter to the media for helping her change culture and society in 2018.

Addressed to "the Awesome Media Person reading this", the former "Charmed" star's Thanksgiving eve note begins by thanking journalists who interviewed her or wrote about her in 2018, claiming their contributions to her fight against harassment and abuse in Hollywood has helped all actresses.

"I wanted to reach out and thank you for helping push the needle forward on culture and society," she writes. "By teaming up, we created in under a year a massive cultural reset. I want to personally thank you for your contributions to a changed landscape."

"I've been reflecting a lot on what it must have been to work in the news during this past year and it can't have been easy to have been on the other side. 2018 could be called the Year of the Trigger and I think we all felt it. I'm writing this in all earnestness, thank you for seeing it through."

McGowan goes on to admit she got sick of herself and her story of past abuse, mainly at the hands of disgraced movie boss Harvey Weinstein, who she accused of raping her in a hotel at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

"Saturation point had been reached, but I knew it was for the greater good to push this groundswell forward," she adds. "The power of the individual. That was the front face of it, behind the scenes I was getting floods of deeply personal, heart breaking stories. I felt like I was a gatekeeper for pain and I did not know how to help these people, there were so many...".

Rose insists it was all worth it, because she is seeing a real change in the way women are being treated.

"I started seeing a pattern," she explains. "I noticed that over the course of the last thirteen months, the intense stories I was receiving in my DMs (direct messages) were shifting - those at the beginning of the year are very different to those I've received at the end of the year. So many of people's tragedies have been replaced by stories of triumph... It's been an amazing thing to see."

"I thought you may want to know that there has been a shift. And you have been a part of it."

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