Danity Kane Attacks Extremely Sexist P. Diddy for Playing Dirty
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Member Aubrey O'Day spills the beans on how the music mogul treated the 'Show Stopper' singers during their stint on MTV's 2005 reality show 'Making the Band'.

AceShowbiz - Rap mogul P. Diddy has been attacked for the way he handled teenage girl group Danity Kane on TV show "Making the Band".

The newly-reformed group recently sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan and made it clear the rapper and entrepreneur was a bad boss during their time on the 2005 MTV reality show.

Aubrey O'Day, who often clashed with the executive producer on the show, was eventually fired from the group for being too "promiscuous", and it appears she still has it in for Diddy, insisting the way she and her bandmates were treated on the show was "extremely sexist".

"It gave him an excuse. It was to let you know, 'This is my show, this is my s**t, and I want to prove to you that it's my s**t and I'm going to show you how much power I have over you by saying I'm going to control your lives...," she told the magazine. "It was extremely sexist."

The singer also claims Diddy hated being challenged on the show and often pitted the girls against one another for ratings: "Puff plays one of the dirtiest games there is around and that's what we were exposed to at 17 years old," Aubrey adds.

The girls attempted a failed reunion in 2013, but now O'Day, Shannon Bex and Dawn Richard are heading off on tour - and they insist they are better than ever: "After all of that, we're back together and we just did an incredible show that featured all of us in our greatness," O'Day adds. "Imagine had he (Diddy) made us believe in it at that age, what we could be right now."

Diddy has yet to respond to O'Day's comments.

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