Did Louis Tomlinson Just Confirm One Direction Disbands for Good?

The British singer-songwriter appeared to confirm that the boyband would no longer reunite in the latest episode of 'The X Factor' U.K. version.

AceShowbiz - This is certainly not a good news for Directioners who are waiting for One Direction's reunion after their indefinite hiatus. Louis Tomlinson appeared to confirm that the British boyband would no longer reunite in the latest episode of "The X Factor" U.K. version.

Louis was seen prepping his contestant Brendan Murray for the first live show of the new season when the latter began recalling his time with his band which didn't turn out the way he hoped. That was when the 26-year-old singer-songwriter stepped in to give him an encouragement by referring to his own band in past tense.

"I get it. I used to be in a band, you know," he said, relaxing on a couch. "You just want to move on from it."

His remarks clearly raise questions to fans as One Direction only announced that they wanted to take a break from group activities, not disband. "Did @Louis_Tomlinson just say 'he was in a band' last time I checked one direction was just on a break," one confused fan tweeted, with another similarly posting, "Louis: 'I was in a band' LAST TIME I CHECKED ONE DIRECTION WAS ON A F***ING BREAK ! SOMEONE HELP THEM GET THEIR S**T STRAIGHT."

"#xfactor um used to be?? no louis you're STILL in a band," one other said along with a picture of Niall Horan looking confused. "Friendly reminder that @Louis_Tomlinson is still '1/4 of One Direction and that's really all I need to keep going on at this point."

One Direction has been on a hiatus since early 2016, with all four members embarking on solo career. It remains unclear when they will reunite, but Niall told Billboard last year that he hopes it happens in the next few years.

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