'RHOBH' Cast Reportedly Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Is 'Insufferable' and 'Fake'
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All the tension allegedly makes the other cast members of the Bravo series refuse to film with Lisa right now.

AceShowbiz - Well, apparently Lisa Vanderpump is not the one feeling uncomfortable filming with other "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast members. It's reported that the feeling is mutual as the cast don't want to film with her right now.

"Most of the cast have always had a problem in some way with Lisa, even if they've pretended on the surface to get along with her," a "Real Housewives" insider claims to HollywoodLife.com. "Lisa can be really insufferable, and as much as she loves to pretend she's genuine and down to earth, she's really fake."

The source reveals that the other Housewives take issue with her ego. "A lot of the issues stem from when she got her own show, her ego really blew up then, and she thought she was the biggest star and started getting an even bigger ego than she already had," details the source.

With all of this, nobody allegedly "wants to film with Lisa right now, she has all this attitude and everybody is sick of putting up with her. It's the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', not the Lisa Vanderpump show."

Following the tension between the cast, rumor has it that Lisa is planning to exit the Bravo series. "Lisa is getting ready to walk away from it all and this could be her last season on 'RHOBH' - It really is that bad right now," another source previously shared. "She loves the show and it has done so much for her life so it really is heartbreaking for her to make such a big decision."

As to what is the source referring to by "bad," it's the relationship between Lisa and the other cast members. "She is filming alone constantly with other friends to fill her scenes," the source explained. The source continued saying that Lisa had been avoiding "RHOBH" bonding activities. That included her deciding to sit out Camille Grammer's wedding to David C. Meyer on October 20 in Hawaii.

Despite Lisa's absence, Camille, however, allegedly "couldn't care less that Lisa Vanderpump is skipping out on her big wedding day." Another source went on saying, "She's so excited to finally tie the knot again and so happy that cameras are rolling."

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