Nicki Minaj Is Crushing on Quavo, According to Himself
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The Georgia rapper seems to be addressing his alleged romance with the Barbadian beauty in 'Huncho Dreams', the third track off the album 'Quavo Huncho'.

AceShowbiz - Quavo has released his long-awaited solo album "Quavo Huncho". Fans assumed that the new album is a response to Nicki Minaj's "Barbie Dreams", on which she name-dropped him. The Georgia rapper seems to be addressing his alleged romance with the Barbadian beauty.

"She said I hurt her feelings 52 times," he raps in "Huncho Dream", the third track off the album. Fans are quick to notice that Quavo may be referring to Nicki's interview with Beats 1, in which she revealed to Zane Lowe that she was hurt by "Motorsport" fiasco as she claimed she was blindsided over Cardi B collaboration on the track.

Toward the end of the song, he raps, "I think she like me," before adding, "She put me in the song, said I hurt her feelings. There's a lot of little Quavo jabs. I'ma figure it out."

In addition, Quavo addresses his relationship with the "Queens" spitter. "Made her scream/ Chanel, I bought her two of 'em/ You can check IG/ Cause when she post, it go up/ Is she for keeps?/ Only if she come with two of 'em," he rhymes.

Nicki indeed posted a video of her getting excited while opening two Chanel boxes from a special someone back in July. The black Barbie opened the boxes, one of which is filled with a stunning bag, rather unpatiently and let out small scream of excitement. "Thank you. you know the way to a Barbie's (heart emoji)" the rapper captioned the video.

Fans, however, previously assumed that the lavish gifts were from Future.

Later in the song, Quavo suggests the hooked up with the "Anaconda" rapper, rapping, "Nigga don't mean to brag/ I be tryin' to keep it cool, but I sniped yo' ass/ No 'FEFE,' I skeet-skeet on yo' face ass/ Called up Huncho to come tap that ass/ Pull up on you, autotune when I grip that ass/Pullin' on yo' weave, 'cross the room when I pipe that ass/I see a queen on a tree-tree/She like the ride new boy tree-tree."

The juicy part comes at the end of the song in which he revises a few lines from Drake's "In My Feelings". "Nicki, do you love me?/ Why you crying?/ She don't wanna be a queen unless she got me," he rhymes. He also seemingly apologizes for hurting her feelings over the "Motorsport" drama, "She don't wanna be on scene unless we married ... If I hurt your feelings (Feelings)/ I am truly sorry (Sorry, woo)/ I'm straight out the jungle (Hey), no safari (No)."

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