Bradley Cooper Lambasted for Being Emotionless During Uncomfortable Interview

One Twitter user brands the star of 'A Star Is Born' a 'miserable g*t,' while another compares him to grumpy Harrison Ford after he kept a straight face during an interview for U.K.'s 'This Morning'.

AceShowbiz - Bradley Cooper was branded "miserable" on social media during the broadcast of an uncomfortable interview on Tuesday, September 02.

"The Hangover" star sat down for a prerecorded chat with British presenter Alison Hammond at London's Abbey Road Studios to talk about his directorial debut "A Star Is Born", which he also produced, co-wrote and starred in, for U.K. show "This Morning".

Alison is known for her bubbly personality and fun interview style, having sent the likes of Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford into fits of laughter in the past, but Bradley was proving harder to crack and remained straight-faced when Alison performed an original song.

After a series of serious questions, the TV personality suggested herself for a sequel, entitled "Another Star Is Born", and produced a poster and a white T-shirt bearing her face and the fake film's title for Bradley, who seemed amused and played along, saying, "There's a lot of promise there."

She then asked the 43-year-old to visualise her in the sequel as she gave a fun, high energy performance of her original song, "Can You Feel It", complete with clicks and hand moves. However, Bradley didn't seem to enjoy the rendition as he stoically watched on, leaving many to call him "miserable" on Twitter.

"Bradley cooper is a barrel of laughs ain't he," one wrote, "So Bradley Cooper is a miserable g*t then," another posted, while another asked, "Is Bradley cooper deliberately being that awkward?"

One even compared his interview to Harrison's, adding, "Bradley Cooper, even f**king Harrison Ford managed to crack a smile and join in and he's the grumpiest b**tard in Hollywood."

After her performance, Bradley clapped and said she "just blew my mind... I could have watched that for much longer." So Alison then launched into another verse, making the actor burst out laughing. With her encouragement, he then joined in with the clicks and singing "can you feel it".

Once she finished, he clapped her and said, "Wow", and when Alison asked if he felt it, he replied, "I did."

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