KJ Apa Hilariously Makes Fun of Cole Sprouse's Sexy Birthday Tribute for Lili Reinhart
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The photo saw a shirtless KJ sitting in a chair staring into a mirror while crossing his hands on his chest, copying Lili on Cole's photo.

AceShowbiz - KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse are definitely close enough to troll each other. Cole recently posted a racy photo of his on-and-off screen girlfriend Lili Reinhart during her birthday, and KJ apparently thought that it was a perfect opportunity to show off his tomfoolery.

The New Zealand hunk attempted to recreate the artistic photo which saw a fresh-faced Lili who looked at her own reflection in the mirror while being topless. In executing the troll, KJ was joining forces with fellow "Riverdale" cast member Casey Cott, who uploaded the new photo on his own Instragram account.

The photo saw a shirtless KJ sitting in a chair while staring into a mirror. He copied Lili by placing his hand on his chest. Casey also mimicked the same angle that Cole had on his photo as both KJ and Lili's shoulders and part of their backs were included in the photo frame.

Additionally, KJ and Casey wrote the exact similar caption on the post. "Both the birthday and my gift. My little muse, have a good day my love," Casey wrote.

Fans were definitely loving the recreation with some dying from laughing so hard. "Omggggg YOU GUYS ARE BREAKING THE INTERNET," said a fan on the comment section. "I'm deceased," another fan simply stated with others commenting, "Omg I haven't laughed so much in years." Meanwhile, one other fan was hoping KJ would let her/him see "these hipssss let me see these nipsss."

Cole even approved Casey and KJ's troll pic. The former child actor left a comment that read, "bReAK tHe InTeRnET." Casey then replied, writing, "I love you most."

Cole and Lili were first rumored to be dating in July 2017. Of their relationship, fellow "Riverdale" star Madchen Amick said, "It's nice that they're able to now, like, be public with it, so it's not so under wraps. But at the same time, they're in complete control of what they want to share and how they want to share it. Behind the scenes, they're so sweet with each other and they're both just exceptional people."

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