Dolly Parton and Sia Will Give You Love on Gospel Remake of 'Here I Am' - Listen!

The new rendition will be included on the soundtrack album of Netflix's 'Dumplin' ', which stars Jennifer Aniston among others.

AceShowbiz - It's almost been 50 years since Dolly Parton released her hit "Here I Am", thus the country legend has recorded a new rendition of the 1970s hit. But she is not singing alone this time as she has enlisted Sia Furler to join her for the song.

The 72-year-old Grammy-winning singer kicks off the tune before the Australian singer takes over the second verses. They join forces for the chorus part, with gospel choir singing in the background. "Here I am, I'm reaching out to give you love that you're without/ I can help you find what you've been searching for," they sing. "Here I am, come to me, take my hand because I believe/ I can give you all the love you need and more."

The song was originally released on her 1971 album "Coat of Many Colors" and produced by Linda Perry. The remake version will be included on the soundtrack album for Netflix's "Dumplin' ". Besides collaborating with Sia, Parton teamed up with Miranda Lambert, Mavis Staples, Miley Cyrus and Rhonda Vincent among others.

Based on Jully Murphy's book of the same name, "Dumplin' " tells the story of a plus-size teenager girl (Danielle MacDonald) who finds inspiration in Dolly's music. Her mother (Jennifer Aniston) is a former beauty queen - so you can imagine the struggles there.

Anne Fietcher directed the movie with a script provided by Kristin Hahn. Anniston and Danny Nozell executive produced, while Michael Costigan, Mohamed AlRafi and 50 Degrees Entertainment produced.

Also starring in the movie are Odeya Rush, Dove Cameron, Harold Perrineau, Georgie Flores, Bex Taylor-Klaus and Ginger Minj. It will be released on September 14 on Netflix in the U.S. and select international territories. Meanwhile, the soundtrack album is set to arrive on November 30.

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