Susan Sarandon Urges Debra Messing to Listen Before Commenting

The 'Thelma & Louise' star fires back at Debra after the 'Enchanted' actress slammed her on Twitter for giving President Donald Trump any kind of credit.

AceShowbiz - Debra Messing has reignited her bitter feud with Susan Sarandon over their political views.

The actresses began a war of words before the 2016 U.S. general election, when future President Donald Trump ran against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and they continued the row after the new U.S. leader's inauguration, as Debra took aim at Susan for not supporting Clinton.

Now, the "Will & Grace" star has lashed out at Sarandon again after the Oscar winner appeared to suggest Trump's time in office had inspired women to become politicians.

"This is a revolution," Sarandon told Variety. "Maybe things had to get so bad before real change actually could happen. We just have to stay awake".

After video of the chat surfaced, Debra slammed Susan for giving President Trump any kind of credit, and listed all of his policies she does not agree with.

"STFU (shut the f**k up) SUSAN," Messing raged on Twitter. "Oh yes, PLEASE let's give Trump CREDIT. I mean how else are you able to walk out on the street. Convince yourself that this CATASTROPHE of a President who you said was better than (Hillary Clinton) IS NOT ripping children away from parents seeking asylum".

"Holding children INDEFINITELY in internment camps with their new policy, DESTROYING all attempts to protect our environment (yes the water you properted (sic) to care about), endangered animals, taking away women's ACCESS to health care and legal abortion, trying to block POC (people of colour) from Voting with extreme judges who will support jerrymandering (reshuffling of voting districts to benefit a certain group) efforts, not to mention destroying ALL good will and allied relationships across the Globe," she continued.

"Oh, and lest you forget Syria, Crimea, and putting PRO-RUSSIA agenda BEFORE the United States best interests. YES, do go on...".

Susan quickly responded, urging Debra to listen to what she said before commenting.

"Debs, before you get yourself all self-righteous try clicking on the video and listening to what I actually say, not @Variety's clickbait headline, which btw (by the way) has no quotation marks," she writes. "That's a clue...".

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