Padma Lakshmi Shows Off Bikini Body While Celebrating 48th Birthday

The 'Top Chef' host has always been known for her slender physique since rising to fame as a model in the early 1990s.

AceShowbiz - Top TV personality Padma Lakshmi is more proud and confident in her body as she nears 50 than she ever was in her 20s.

The Top Chef host has always been known for her slender physique since rising to fame as a model in the early 1990s, but as she celebrated her 48th birthday on Saturday, September 01, the Indian beauty admitted she hasn't always been comfortable in her skin, and it's taken her years to fully embrace and appreciate her figure.

"It takes time to develop as a person," she captioned a photo of herself posing in a bikini on a yacht. "Sometimes in the entertainment industry I don't think we give women that chance. Men become distinguished and women become 'old news.'"

"In truth, I feel better about my body now, even after breastfeeding, gravity, etc. than I did in my 20's (sic)," Padma continued. "I'm not riddled with insecurity as I was. I eat well and bust my butt in the gym.

"My home life and my career are doing just fine and I've learned to be thankful for what I have rather than focus on what I don't. To many more years of learning and growing. #birthday #virgoseason".

The star also shared a picture of herself at a restaurant with her eight-year-old daughter Krishna as she marked her birthday on Instagram, and added a snap of a sweet handwritten note she had received from her little girl.

"Dear Ms. Lakshmi, You are a great mom a great writer and the QUEEN of nacho night (sic)!" read the message.

"you mean so much to me and I love you so much! But dont get me started on your singing :) Not to mention you crush dad at backgammon! I hope you have a great birthday you are a star (sic)."

Laughing at the introduction to her kid's letter, Padma captioned the image: "The best bday (sic) present (Also 'Ms. Lakshmi'. I swear it's not that formal in our house)".

Krishna is her daughter from her former romance with venture capitalist Adam Dell, with whom she shares joint custody.

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