This Is Why Justin Bieber Can Cry With Hailey Baldwin But Not With Selena Gomez
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The 21-year-model allegedly makes the 'Sorry' hitmaker feel totally safe to open up and show his emotions.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber and fiancee Hailey Baldwin were photographed weeping together during an emotional date in New York on August 7. Many speculated that the tears fest indicated that there's trouble in the paradise, but apparently it was because of everything but pre-wedding jitters.

According to a source, Justin being so emotionally exposed is because he's with the 21-year-old model. "Justin used to rely on a lot of people to help him cope but now the only person he really trusts and confides in is Hailey, it's the two of them against the world," the source tells

The insider goes on saying, "He isn't opening up to anyone but Hailey right now, all he will say is that they're 'going though some things' but other than that he's like a vault." The "Despacito" hitmaker and his lady might've been confessing his deepest darkest secrets to each other that day, hence the weep.

Seeing Justin crying along with Hailey in public may be an unfamiliar scene for fans as he's never done it before, not even with Selena Gomez, whom he dated on-and-off for years. "He does say that he's never felt closer or more in love with anyone in his life," the source explains.

"Hailey makes him feel totally safe to open up and show his emotions. He's never been this open, vulnerable or emotional with anyone in his life," the source adds. "He wasn't even this close with Selena."

Justin and Hailey share everything with each other, according to the source. "He loves her because they support each other during their most difficult moments. And yeah, that means a lot of tears sometimes," the source continues. "They are being very private about what they are dealing with, not opening up to many. But Justin is happy that he has Hailey and she is happy that he is there too so they both have a shoulder to cry on."

After the photos of them crying and comforting each other hit the web, fans expressed their worries.

"In one pic Hailey looks upset and Bieber looks like he is comforting her and then in the other Bieber is crying and Hailey is comforting him. Hmmm?" a confused fan tweeted. Another fan replied to Justin's August 7 tweet and wrote, "Why were you crying today?"

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