BTS' V Mourns His Grandfather's Death, Bandmates Stand by His Side

BTS' members reportedly join V at a funeral house in a Daegu hospital as the 'Hwarang' star is mourning the loss of his grandfather.

AceShowbiz - BTS a.k.a. Bangtan Boys' V is in mourning. The singer's grandfather recently passed away and he visited a funeral house in a Daegu hospital on Tuesday, July 31 to mourn the loss of his grandfather with his family and friends.

His bandmates are apparently comforting him by reportedly standing by his side and joining V at the funeral house. The group's label Big Hit Entertainment, however, refused to further comment on the sad news besides saying, "It's his personal life, so it is difficult for us to confirm it."

V was close to his grandfather, having previously shared in interviews that he had many unforgettable memories with his grandfather as a child. V previously lost his grandmother in 2016.

ARMY (BTS fan club) has taken to Twitter to show their support for the K-pop star. "MY DEEP SAD AND IM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS PLZ V BE STRONG FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY I LOVE U AND LAST SAD," one wrote.

Another added, "i want to send my deepest condolences to Taehyung and his family. My heart and prayer is with them right now. I hope V is doing good at this moment. Let's continue to respect and pray for them."

"Stay strong @BTS_twt V! Hal-abeoji [grandfather] is now with the creator," read another tweet. One other posted, "Our condolences to our BTS V on the passing of his hal-abeoji. May his grandfather rest in peace."

BTS' members previously also showed their support for Jin when he lost his grandmother back in June. "BTS' Jin quickly left after receiving the news that his grandmother has passed away, after the pre-recording session for SBS' 'Inkigayo'. We would like to apologize to the fans as he was unable to wrap up/complete the broadcast. Rest in peace," Big Hit Entertainment said in a statement at the time.

Meanwhile, his bandmates addressed Jin's situation on a V Live session. "I am sure Jin will overcome it well," RM (a.k.a. Rap Monster) assured their fans. Jimin added, "Don't worry too much... Please worry about him a bit."

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