BTS' Jin Mourns His Grandmother's Death, Groupmates Send Message of Support

The oldest member of BTS left the pre-recording of SBS' 'Inkigayo' quickly after receiving the sad news about his grandmother's passing.

AceShowbiz - BTS' Jin is mourning the loss of his grandmother. The K-pop star's maternal grandmother passed away on Sunday, June 10. He received a call from his family about her passing after the group (also known as Bangtan Boys) pre-recorded their performance for SBS' "Inkigayo".

After learning of the sad news, Jin left the studio quickly to mourn with his family. His agency, Big Hit Entertainment, released a statement to address the situation. They said, "BTS' Jin quickly left after receiving the news that his grandmother has passed away, after the pre-recording session for SBS' 'Inkigayo'. We would like to apologize to the fans as he was unable to wrap up/complete the broadcast. Rest in peace."

Meanwhile, his groupmates continued their activities without Jin and had a V Live session, during which they addressed Jin's situation. "And the announcement about Jin is out. I am sure many fans ready it already," RM (a.k.a. Rap Monster) began.

"I am sure Jin will overcome it well," he assured their fans. Jimin said, "Don't worry too much... Please worry about him a bit." RM added, "They will. They will worry about him more than us. I'm sure he will be fine."

V couldn't hide his sadness as he looked down once Jin's name was mentioned during the V Live session. J-Hope then wrapped his hand around V's shoulder and squeezed him a bit to comfort the 22-year-old star.

Fans have also expressed their condolences on Twitter. "I just can't stop thinking about Jin because I miss him already, I wanna give him the biggest, longest and warmest hug ever, I hope he's okay:(" one wrote.

"my deepest condolences to jin and his family please be strong!" another added. "Stay strong jin and cheer up," read another tweet.

There's still no word as to how this will affect Jin's schedules with BTS, but he is expected to join his family at his grandmother's funeral.

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