Alex Rodriguez Preparing for the 'Right Moment' to Propose to Jennifer Lopez

The former baseball shortstop allegedly wants his proposal to 'be absolutely perfect,' which is why he has to 'find the right moment' to do it.

AceShowbiz - It looks like wedding bells are soon ringing for Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. Word are, the former baseball shortstop is already preparing to propose to the Bronx beauty and only has to find the right moment to do it.

"Jennifer makes Alex a better man, she completes him, and together they feel like they can conquer the world," a source tells, adding that the 43-year-old hunk "wants to spend the rest of his life with Jennifer." The source continues, "He's finally met his soul mate, and he knows without a doubt that he's found the perfect woman. Now, he's just got to find the right moment to propose. He wants it to be absolutely perfect."

Alex is allegedly so proud about the fact that Jenny is his girlfriend, thinking "she's the most beautiful woman in the world." According to the source, there "really is nothing about Jennifer that he would change, he thinks she is perfect in every way. These past 18 months have been the happiest of Alex's life, and Jennifer makes Alex feel young again -- they are always goofing around, and they have so much fun together."

Rumors of their engagement first sparked after Jenny released her Spanish single "El Anillo", which prompted people to speculate that she was expecting an engagement ring from her boyfriend as "El Anillo" means "The Ring". Even though the couple already debunked the rumors, Jenny appeared to add fuel to the rumors when she was spotted flaunting a diamond ring on that finger during her private birthday bash in the Bahamas.

In some photos taken from the party, the diva was seen sporting a massive diamond ring on her wedding finger. The sparkler, which is made of white gold, diamonds, emeralds and onyx, was reportedly given to her by Alex on Valentine's Day. Reports further stated that she had rocked the ring before, but this is the first time she wore it on her wedding finger.

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