Martin Sheen

  • Martin Sheen
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez
    • Birth Date : August 03, 1940
    • Birth Place : Dayton, Ohio, USA
    • Spouse : Janet Templeton (since, 23-Dec-61)
    • Claim to Fame : As Captain Benjamin L. Willard in "Apocalypse Now" (1979)

Martin Sheen Biography

Discovering his love for acting during his high school years, Martin Sheen has portrayed various types of characters, ranging from killers to world leaders. His stage debut in the 1965 Broadway production of "The Subject Was Roses" won him a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actor. He later on reprised his role for its 1968 film adaptation and earned a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe nomination. After making his film debut in "The Incident" (1967), he went on delivering performances in such films as "Catch-22" (1970), "Badlands" (1973), "Apocalypse Now" (1979), "Gandhi" (1982), "Wall Street" (1987), "The American President" (1995), and "Catch Me if You Can" (2002).

Some other features Sheen had starred in among others were "The Departed" (2006), "Love Happens" (2009), "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012), and "Trash" (2014). Along with his big screen career, the actor also took on roles on TV shows. Beginning from 1960s to 2000s he already appeared in numerous series, one of which successfully helped him achieve worldwide fame which was the political drama "The West Wing". Taking on the lead role of President Josiah Bartlet in the critically acclaimed series, he received a Best Actor Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award six times.

Martin Sheen Biography

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