Lin-Manuel Miranda to Join Rally Protesting Trump's Controversial Border Policy
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The 'Hamilton' creator urges people to raise their voices to call for an end to family separations of immigrants.

AceShowbiz - Lin-Manuel Miranda is heading to Washington, D.C. this weekend, June 30, to fight for the rights of immigrants.

The singer and actor will join the likes of America Ferrera in a rally held by organisers to urge President Donald Trump to reverse his controversial border policies and reunite families who have been torn apart by customs officials as they attempt to seek sanctuary in the U.S. Although President Trump has already signed an executive order to reverse enforcement of the cruel practice, thousands of families remain separated with no immediate plans in place for reunion.

Confirming his presence in a statement released on Thursday, June 28, former Hamilton star Lin-Manuel writes: "We have two sons. Sebastian is 3, Francisco just 5 months old. I cannot imagine the emotional trauma my boys would experience if they were to be separated from (wife) Vanessa and me. But that's what's happening at our border - forced family separations, denial of due process, imprisonment of kids and parents."

"To be silent while this takes place in our country is to be an accomplice."

"I'm headed to Washington, D.C., this Saturday, June 30, to join tens of thousands of people for the Families Belong Together march. It's one of more than 700 events around the country taking place where, together, we will raise our voices loud and clear and call for an end to family separations and the suspension of due process at the border."

Miranda goes on to reveal he's "devastated" and "heartbroken" by the news from the Mexico/U.S. border, adding, "This is a horrific strategy to terrorize families and criminalize immigrants, instigated by the same people who have ended protected status for people from countries wrecked by natural and political disasters...

"But even as we experience this heartache, I am also blown away by how we have come together at this moment. We are showing up to support these families by the thousands."

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