Director Jason Reitman Reached Out to Young Mothers for 'Tully'

The moviemaker attempts to gather up breastfeeding and baby drama stories for young mothers he knew by sending out questionnaire.

AceShowbiz - Moviemaker Jason Reitman sent out a questionnaire to all the young moms he knew to gather up breastfeeding and baby drama stories for his new film "Tully". The director, who is a dad, and screenwriter Diablo Cody - a mpm of three - added their own hilarious stories to the mix as they plotted their new film about a desperate mum and her nanny.

And some of the tales of pumping, storing, pooping, and mishaps actually made it into the movie.

"We created this questionnaire that we gave to some of our friends and we said, 'Whatever you are willing to share with us about your experiences...," he explains.

"Two things came out of the questions that made it into the movie. The scene with the diaper genie that pulls across like a vine was the same one that my daughter used and she is now 11... I was also amazed to find out how many women drop their phones on to their babies faces, which also made it into the movie."

And there's a breastfeeding drama from his own life that Reitman is sharing, adding, "We were storing breast milk when my daughter was a baby. We were using 50 percent stored and 50 percent off the tap, if you will.

"We had enough but it didn't fit in the freezer, so we bought another freezer just for the breast milk, and one day there was a power outage and my ex-wife, Michelle, just started crying. We just kept it (freezer) closed and we prayed that the power would come back on and that the milk would not defrost.

"A few hours went by and I'd never seen her (ex-wife) in a worse condition than those few hours. The power came back on and everything was OK."

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