Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Drags Nelly and Ashanti in Assault Case

The boxer wants to depose his ex's current boyfriend Nelly and the rapper's ex-girlfriend in her ongoing assault, battery and defamation case.

AceShowbiz - Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. wants a court showdown with his ex's current boyfriend Nelly as part of her ongoing assault, battery and defamation case. Shantel Jackson sued Mayweather in 2014, accusing the fighter of publicly releasing her medical information on social media regarding an abortion.

He then countersued, claiming she ran up his credit cards without his permission, and last week, April 20, Mayweather filed new documents stating his intent to depose Nelly and Ashanti, who dated the rapper eight years ago.

Both depositions aren't scheduled until January 2019, just ahead of the expected trial, according to The Blast.

Nelly is currently dating Jackson and they are still together after the rap star was accused of sexual misconduct in Washington and London.

Monique Greene, 25, who claims the "Country Grammar" rapper forced himself upon her during an encounter on his tour bus after a gig in Washington, recently subpoenaed Jackson after accusing her of lying for the rapper.

Nelly, 43, was arrested in October 2017, but Greene's criminal case against him was dropped in December after she declined to testify. She later launched her own defamation and sexual assault suits against the star, and he then countersued, claiming that they had sex but that it was consensual.

Greene has accused Nelly's girlfriend of falsely corroborating his alibi to "further his defamation campaign" against her.

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