Ed Westwick Is Accused of Holding a Woman Hostage as a Sex Slave

The 'Gossip Girl' star is dragged in a lawsuit mentioning that he made a women be sex slave for 48 hours in 2014.

AceShowbiz - %cEd Westwick% is the next man in Hollywood who is dragged into a sex scandal. His name is mentioned in a lawsuit which is aimed at a stylist's former business partner. According to the suit, he held the stylist hostage as a sex slave for 48 hours in 2014.

In the new lawsuit, Haley Camille Freedman states that she and a group of people went to Ed's house that year. They hung out for a while until everyone left but her. Then, she and Ed began having sex which turned out to be out of context. She claims that Ed asked her to strangle, slap and spit on him, but she refused which made Ed do them to her.

After the encounter, she fell asleep. When she was taking a shower after she woke up in the morning, Ed entered the shower and made sexual advances against her will.

She continues claiming that she was stranded at Ed's home in L.A. and did not know where exactly she was. She did not have cellular phone either to call people at home. She says that he would drive her to her car, but delayed it until she ended up in the house for 2 days. She admitted that she suffered bruising, bleeding and internal tears.

However, the suit is not aimed at Ed. It is aimed at her former business partner who cut her off because she tried to go public with her allegation against Ed. She claims that she did an interview with media outlet about the allegation but Ed's team shut it down. She says the media outlet got texts that misrepresented her as "unstable, disturbed, jealous and promiscuous."

She also says that Ed has threatened to sue her. Ed claims that she was lying because he had relatives in town during the time of the alleged encounter, while in the suit she says that there was nobody else in the house except her and Ed. In addition, TMZ has obtained information describing that the woman is delusional.

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