Abby Lee Miller to Spend the Rest of Her Sentence in Halfway House After Being Released From Prison

A source knowledgeable of the situation describes the halfway house as 'hell,' adding that Abby will get 'no freedom and is still under the BOP rules' while she is there.

AceShowbiz - Abby Lee Miller is getting ready to leave federal prison in Victorville, California, where she has been serving her one-year-and-a-day sentence for the last seven months. Being released from prison doesn't mean that she will finally be free, though, as she will move to a "stricter BOP-run halfway house" in Southern California.

A source knowledgeable of the situation describes the halfway house as "hell." Speaking to Radar Online, the source explained, "While she is there she gets no freedom and is still under the BOP rules."

"After they do her BOP-required paperwork and assign her a bunk, she will be required to stay in the room for a few days while they process her info," the source continued. "She will be fed awful food provided by the staff and will have a hard mattress, two sheets and one pillow case."

The news came after the "Dance Mom" alum took to Instagram to show off her rumored 100-pound weight loss. In the snap, Abby looked beaming in a prison uniform as she posed with some of her visitors, showing off her slimmed-down figure.

Along with the snap, she shared a lengthy serious message in which she admitted that she made mistakes for trusting the wrong people and "didn't play any attention to things I should of. I'm more than sorry for the mistakes I have made."

She went on revealing that her world "flipped upside down when I had to enter prison." She continued, "I did so with grace, the stories you read about me been a princess are untrue. I have made friends with both inmates and staff. I've tried to better myself, participated in anything offered to me and I am a better for this experience."

Abby was sentenced to one year and one day in prison followed by two years of supervised release after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud. She officially began her prison sentence in July last year.

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