'This Is Us' Finally Reveals How Jack Gets Killed in the House Fire

The Tuesday, January 23 episode of the hit NBC family drama showed the final moments of Milo Ventimiglia's character before he was killed in the house fire.

AceShowbiz - Ever since it was revealed that Jack Pearson, the patriarch of the family, died in the house fire, fans of "This Is Us" can't stop wondering how exactly the ordeal, which claimed the live of Milo Ventimiglia's lovable character, occurred. But the big question was finally unraveled in the gut-wrenching episode of the NBC series which aired on Tuesday, January 23.

In the episode, the three Pearson kids opted out their family's Super Bowl tradition. Randall went out for a date with Allison, while Kate went over to her friend's house after she had a little argument with Jack.

Meanwhile, Kevin was having a hard time dealing with his knee injury, which forced him to scrap his initial college plans. "I was supposed to end up in the Super Bowl, not watch it like you guys," he snarked at his parents before storming out and going to Sophie's house. Jack and Rebecca were left alone at home.

When Kevin got back home, he felt bad for what he had done to his parents. Rebecca told him that Jack wasn't mad at him. When his mom offered him a chance to talk to Jack, Kevin said, "I'll just talk to him tomorrow." Little did Kevin know, there wouldn't be tomorrow for Jack.

It was revealed that before going to bed, Jack turned off a lit crockpot, which Jack and Rebecca got from the previous owner of the house. The old couple, George and Sally, told them that they needed to fiddle with the switch to properly turn the crockpot off, and Jack appeared to forget it. And yes, the faulty crockpot killed Jack. The crockpot caught fires and burned everything, including Jack's note for Kevin.

However, another mystery emerged. The episode seemingly hinted that Jack's death was somehow related to Kate's dog. It remains to be seen whether the speculation is true, but some people assume that Jack may be dead after trying to save the pup.

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