Chrissy Metz Longing for 'This Is Us'

The actress who played Kate Pearson in the Mandy Moore-starring TV series says she 'desperately' misses the NBC show, a year after it came to a conclusion.

AceShowbiz - Chrissy Metz yearns for "This Is Us". The 42-year-old actress starred as Kate Pearson for the entire six-season run of the NBC comedy-drama series that followed about two families in different timeframes and almost exactly a year after the finale aired, explained that it was a "life-changing" job for her.

"I miss 'This Is Us' desperately. And not only was it life-changing for me, but the best people, the way that it touched people's lives and hearts and minds, it was really, really special," she told People.

Following "This Is Us", Chrissy took on a dark role in drama movie "Stay Awake" and went on to explain that the transition to a single story was "tricky" because she got to know her 'This is Us' character so well during its long run and had the chance to take things "one day at a time."

She added, "It's tricky when you've done something for six years because you really know the character, and even though you're still discovering more about them, you have a grasp. Whereas with a movie, you have maybe a month if you're lucky from prep to finish."

"And that way it's like, 'Oh boy, I wish I had more time with' whatever character you're portraying. Yeah, I mean, it's a weird transition because six years is a long time, so you just take it one day at a time. You don't always get to have one of those, let alone multiple of those. And so I just try to be really cognizant and intentional with the projects that I'm doing."

Chrissy also explained to the outlet that she would like to do a "one-woman show" on Broadway and is hoping release her debut EP in the near future.

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