Millie Bobby Brown's Crazy Resemblance to Natalie Portman Drives Fans Crazy - See the Pics!

The 'Stranger Things' actress and the 'Black Swan' star don't only share physical similarity as both started their acting career in such a young age.

AceShowbiz - Twitterverse is going crazy after they find young star %cMillie Bobby Brown% has a strong resemblance to %cNatalie Portman%. Side-by-side photos of the two actresses quickly float around the internet, and many are shook with how the two look similar to each other, especially when Natalie was around Millie's age.

A fan account posted a photo of Natalie from her movie "V for Vendetta", in which she shaved her head. Much to everyone's shock, the 36-year-old Oscar-winning actress looks exactly like Millie's character Eleven on the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things".

Another photo which freaks out fans is a side-by-side photo featuring both Millie and Natalie sporting a short hairstyle. The photo also sees the stars donning black outfits which further escalate the similarity.

Natalie and Millie don't only look the same with short hair. Another fan posts a photo of them having a shoulder-length brown hair, and as expected, they look like twins.

They also share similar smiles. One photo sees Natalie in "Beautiful Girls" smiling and she looks exactly like Millie when she smiles. "is it just me or do @milliebbrown and natalie portman in 'beautiful girls' look exactly the same... #MillieBobbyBrown #BeautifulGirlsMovie," a fan captions the side-by-side photo.

Another fan, meanwhile, morphs Millie and Natalie's faces into one, and the result is amazingly mind-blowing. The fan writes, "millie bobby brown and natalie portman morphed together."

Millie and Natalie don't only share physical similarity. Both stars started their acting career in such a young age as Natalie landed one of her first well-known roles in "Leon: The Professional", in which she portrayed Mathilda, at the age of 12. Millie, meanwhile, was cast in the first season of sci-fi series "Stranger Things" when she's 13.

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