Travis Scott Is Seen Partying With Blac Chyna on 'Flirty' Outing. How About Pregnant Kylie Jenner?

The 'Butterfly Effect' rapper was spotted over the weekend hitting a party in the same Hollywood hotspot as the Kardashian family's nemesis, while his rumored pregnant girlfriend was nowhere in sight.

AceShowbiz - %cTravis Scott (II)% was spotted over the weekend hitting a party in the same Hollywood hotspot as Kardashian family's nemesis %cBlac Chyna%, while his rumored pregnant girlfriend %cKylie Jenner% was nowhere to be found. According to an onlooker, the 25-year-old hip-hop star was accompanied by his entourage when he arrived at Delilah, before finding himself face-to-face with %cRob Kardashian%'s ex.

"Travis rolled in with an entourage of buddies and they sat at a booth," the eyewitness tells "They ordered bottle service all night, and drank Grey Goose as well as champagne. They weren't being hectic, it was a pretty chill vibe...." The source then says that "Chyna was also at the club with her girls and they sat in a separate area. She was wearing a pretty outrageous dress, one that was skin tight and kind of transparent, especially around the chest area!"

"Chyna did stop by Travis' table for about fifteen minutes," reveals the insider, "and they talked for a while." But the source points out that "it just seemed like friendly chatter." Blac wasn't the only beautiful babe in Delilah, though, as it is said there were "a steady flow" of "beautiful girls stopping by their table all night, who they fed drinks to."

And according to the insider, "Travis was definitely flirting with the girls, and there was one stunning brunette who he seemed particularly in to--but I didn't see any behavior that could be deemed as inappropriate--just talking, joking and some harmless flirting." That being said, his girlfriend Kylie can rest assured as it sounds like the rapper didn't get inappropriate with any of the other women there.

Travis and Kylie, who have been dating since April, haven't seen together lately amid rumor she's pregnant with their first child, reportedly a girl. The 20-year-old social media personality/cosmetics mogul has also been keeping herself away from the spotlight since news of her pregnancy broke in September.

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