BTS Moves Into One of the Most Expensive Apartments in Korea

The boys recently moved into Hannam THE HILL in Seoul, which reportedly costs 42.95 million won ($46k) per 3.3-square meters.

AceShowbiz - After becoming a successful international music act, it's only normal that Bangtan Boys a.k.a. BTS is enjoying a high-class lifestyle. The members, who live together in a dorm, have reportedly moved into one of the most expensive apartments in Korea.

According to Sports Seoul, the boys recently moved into Hannam THE HILL in Seoul. "BTS have moved into Hannam THE HILL in early December, so the members could live somewhere more comfortable and quieter," says a so-called insider. "It's through Bang PD's consideration."

"They didn't buy it, but instead signed a contract for a certain period. They signed the contract in November. It's a dorm everyone is satisfied with," the source adds.

The luxurious apartment complex includes ten apartments which are featured in the top 10 most expensive apartments sold in Korea this year. Words are the apartments there cost 42.95 million won (around $46k) per 3.3-square meters.

The fact that the members chose to continue to stay together instead of moving into their own houses impresses their fans. "bts were given the chance and could afford to move out but they chose to stay together," one comments.

Another fan defends their decision to live together, "they stated it many times before that they simply like living together. they obviously are able to have their privacy if it's working out for them and keep choosing to stay together. tbh they are young and rich, there's nothing weird in living together with friends even if you are not the rich part. i think they know they can buy their own houses down the road whenever now, but atm they still like to be/prefer to be close."

Previously, BTS' members lived in a dorm with four rooms. They moved into the apartment in 2016. Jin and Suga shared a room with a big shelf separating their personal space. J-Hope and Jimin slept in a pink petite room.

RM (Rap Monster) and V, who bond over their hobby of playing games, shared a room. Jungkook, meanwhile, was the lucky one who had a room all to himself. He won his right to a single room through "Rock Paper Scissors".

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