Is 'Crisis on Earth-X' Night 1 Featuring Barry and Iris' Future Daughter Dawn?

At Barry and Iris' wedding, one female caterer was a little bit too excited to be at his wedding, sparking speculation that she was Dawn Allen who travelled back to the past.

AceShowbiz - The first night of Arrowverse's four-way crossover, "Crisis on Earth-X", aired tonight during Monday, November 27 episodes of "Supergirl" and "Arrow". The two-night event was poised to bring the heroes from "Supergirl", "Arrow", "The Flash" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" together, but it seemed like there was another character coming to the event as well.

During the first hour of the highly-anticipated crossover, viewers were offered with a romantic wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West. Kara Danvers serenaded the couple with "Running Home to You", a song Barry wrote and sang to propose to Iris. But one thing which was somehow suspicious was the overly-excited caterer (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy).

She was seen trying to calm Barry who was feeling nervous ahead of the nuptials. However, the caterer was a little bit too excited to be at his wedding, leading Barry to ask her if they knew each other. She denied it, but did she tell him the truth?

Fans assumed that the caterer was actually Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris' future daughter in the comics, who was travelling back to the past. It seemed like she wanted to witness how her parents got married.

Further adding hints at the possibility, Jessica's character mentioned something about witnessing a wedding "for the ages." In addition, Barry, who returned from the Speed Force in "The Flash" season premiere, appeared to jumble his speech by including a line about needing more diapers. Since Speed Force is an extra-dimensional place, Barry might have come from the time when he and Iris had baby twins.

Another theory, meanwhile, suggested that Jessica might be playing XS a.k.a. Jenni Ognats. Jennie is Barry’s granddaughter and also a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Back to the crossover, the romantic nuptials were interrupted by the Earth-X villains. Showing off amazing teamwork, our heroes tried to fight against their own villainous counterparts.

"Crisis on Earth-X" continues on Tuesday, November 28 at 8 P.M. on The CW.

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