Super Junior's Kangin Was at Sex Brothel During Assault, Label Calls the Case Misunderstanding

A police representative says that, instead of an average bar, the incident took place at a room salon which usually serves alcohol and sexual services.

AceShowbiz - More details of alleged assault involving Super Junior's Kangin have been revealed. Earlier report said that the K-Pop star and his girlfriend were at a bar when he hit her. Now, however, it's revealed that the place was not an average bar, but a room salon establishment.

A police representative says, "We would like to revise our previous report that the incident took place in Sinsa as it took place at an escort bar in the Nonhyeon neighborhood of Seoul. The woman who was on location stated that she was Kangin's girlfriend, but this is information that should be confirmed through Kangin or his agency, not the police. Kangin was drunk, but not completely intoxicated, and he was released with a warning as the two people involved reached a resolution on location."

The police representative adds, "The situation would have been dealt as a criminal case had there been any property damage or had there been any physical damage done unto the victim. However, the victim did not wish for charges to be pressed, so Kangin was released with a warning and not formally booked on any charges."

Some room salons in Korea are known to be fronts for prostitution rings where alcohol is served and sexual services are part of the package.

Meanwhile, Super Junior's label SM Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the incident. "First of all, we want to apologize for causing so much trouble. At the establishment, Kangin was having a small argument with his friend and a misunderstanding caused the authorities to get called and involved. When the authorities came, Kangin and the other party apologized for each other's actions. The trouble was resolved completely at the establishment," they stated. "We apologize for causing trouble when he is currently in his self-reflection period [from previous incidents.]"

It was earlier reported that police were called to the pub on Friday, November 17 at 4:30 A.M. KST after Kangin allegedly hit his girlfriend. The 32-year-old singer was brought in to the Gangnam branch of the Seoul police, but later he was released as the victim did not formally press charges.

Kangin has been previously arrested for driving under the influence twice. He has been inactive and not included in any of Super Junior's promotional activities since his last DUI case in May 2016.

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